Meghan Bourque Tyler
                         MA Certified  Riding Instructor 
                                Head Coach / Trainer
                          Equine Behavior Specialist

Meet Our Crew
     Our professionals  understands how to achieve the perfect balance between solid horsemanship skills and a competitive edge in our  riders while maintaining a fun and educational atmosphere.

    With 24 years of riding and competing experience, Meghan's resume boasts an extensive background in Equestrian Sports and an education deriving from some of today's biggest trainers and contenders. 
Meghan began taking riding lessons at age 8, dreaming of being a riding instructor herself one day.  Lessons led her into the showing and by the time she was a teenager Meg was   competing simultaneously on the hunter/jumpers and eventing circuits. Meghan was given her first horse, "Majic" at age 12 by her grandparents Ginny and Joe Fournier. With the love and support of her parents, Meghan began an extensive career in Equestrian Sports. 

At age 18, Meghan was accepted to Westfield State University  where she earned a "walk-on" to their ISHA Equestrian Team. She rode to the top of her class and became the team captain for three consecutive years. Shortly after, Meghan became an instructor almost by accident. While boarding her horses at a local barn near the college, Meghan was given the opportunity to school numerous ApHA world champion horses in exchange for board.  During her sophomore year, Meg was approached by a number of people who wanted lessons and training. Meghan completed her apprenticeship under World ApHA champ contender Brenda Coggin and became a MA certified Instructor.  Outside of the "start - box" Meghan has worked as an ABA and Behavioral Therapist/ Crisis Interventionist, is graduate of the SSPO Police Academy, and is completing a Triple Masters' Degree in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Mental Health Counseling and School Psychology (LICSW).

    On September 5th, 2015 Meghan married NRHA Western Reiner, Ryan Tyler. Ryan and Meghan met while Ryan was managing a facility Meghan was working out of. At the time the two became fast friends.  Four years later, Ryan became Meghan's barn manager when she leased her first large facility. Ryan managed the barn while Meghan was still employed full-time in a school district as an ABA Therapist and Crisis Interventionist. When the business grew almost over night, Meghan made the  decision to go into training full time and the pair became great business partners. 

    Eventually, the cowboy swooped in when Meghan ended a long term relationship. Instead of a break-up "haircut" - Meg went shopping and brought home a western saddle. When Ryan asked her what she was planning on doing with her new "toy" she replied "your going to teach me to ride in it.. " Ryan ( knowing her horses were mainly event horses ) shook his head and went along with it ; giving her a few lessons and schooling her event horse to a point where she could at least learn something western on him. Meghan realized she was living the fairy tale most girls dream of and this cowboy had literally ridden into her life- after some patience on Ryan's end and some very good advice from a friend of hers ( "If you can trust him with your horses .. chances are you can trust him with your heart") the two started dating . A year later Ryan braced himself for a trip into Boston where he dropped to one knee in front of the Christmas Tree in Fanuiel Hall. Today Ryan  is a co-owner of the same business that brought them together.  A few months after their wedding, Ryan and Meghan became co-owners of their own facility - located in Ryan'"s hometown - Pepperell, MA.  

In addition to being a superior business partner, Ryan is also a talented western reiner, trainer and farrier. Ryan continues to custom shoe and trim many horses with many different needs. ​ Ryan has managed many barns during his career and was previously employed as a firefighter. His education in fire safety and prevention  brings an added safety bonus to our facility. 
"The Tylers"  now reside on the farm, here in Pepperell, MA. Along with sharing a tremendous passion for their sport, the pair cherish their families, friends, and their three rescue  "kids" Sadie, Brady, and Simba.  On Valentine's day, Ryan and Meghan welcomed their little cowboy "Colton."

Behind every great rider is an even better team.....
   Ryan Tyler  
Barn Manager
  Professional Western Trainer 
  Equine Behavior Specialist
*Ryan and Meghan*