Asha is one of Meghan's Rescues.   While this sassy 17.2hh American Warmblood is stunning enough to have her own page here, the reason she does is because of her story. Her story is one that has sparked a remarkable relationship between horse and human and a professional (and grateful) one between A Touch of Majic Equestrian and NEER North Equine Rescue.  

Before Meg adopted her, Asha was found abandoned in a field, emaciated and starving. Her body temperature had gotten so low that her vital organs were shutting down and Asha was lucky enough to be noticed by a couple who helped her end up in the hands of Mary Martin at NEER North.

NEER North reached out to us about Asha in March, after they had rescued her before the winter. Asha had a variety of issues, psychological and physical. With the trailer hitched, Meg decided to visit the mare after she couldn't get her out of her head. When Meg walked into the NEER barn for the first time, Asha began to whinny at her. Something that her caretakers swear she has never done before with anyone. Five hours and the start of a blizzard later - Asha was loaded and headed for home.  Even though she hadn't even sat on her yet, Meg had a "gut feeling" Asha was crossing her path for a reason. 

After months of love, trust, training, and fattening groceries, Asha now belongs to Meg and has inspired so many here at the program. The "Queen of the Barn", Asha has become quite the well rounded mare, schooling upwards of 3 ft fences, hacking out in the woods, schooling beginner novice XC, and can even be seen being barebacked around in a halter with her new 'Mom.' She will have a forever home here with Meg and Ryan. 

During this economy, we often forget who may truly suffer the most, our equine friends. A Touch of Majic and Meghan Bourque would like to extend a very special thank-you to Mary Martin, Lynne Bourque Deschenes, and all of the volunteers at NEER North who often become the unsung heroes in the equine industry. Asha is a rare find and rescue programs such as NEER are needed more than ever! Without them, Asha may have had a very different ending to her sleepy fairy tale life.   

Thank you NEER North. 

For more information on how you can help horses in need or to make a donation to NEER North please contact Meg or click the link below. Every little bit can make an enormous difference. 
Hope on the Rocks
        Asha "Before"
(Photo courtesy Neer North)

                                Asha Today
Special thanks to AC Photography for the awesome pics of Asha.