Showing Rates

Away Coaching (for 2 or more students).........$75.00/student
Away Show Coaching  ( 1 Rider) ..................$150.00
Coaching ( Full Day) .................................$80.00
Trailering   $50.00/Hook up fee for first 20 miles, $1.50
ech additional mile. 

Show Prep 
Body $135.00
Trace Clip $75.00
Blanket Clip      $60.00
Muzzle, Ears, Legs ( all three )$25.00
Braiding    $40.00/ mane
Unbraiding      $20.00
Sheath Cleaning      $25.00
Show Package  $100.00
Includes Braiding, Clipping, professional grooming, and bathing

Show Day After Care $30,00
(unbraid, rubdown, wrap legs if needed)

Meghan Riding "Frat Boy"  ApHa
Owned by Meghan Bourque
"Winning isnt about how many ribbons you have tacked to a wall its about the journey that got you there. ... The skill, the countless hours of practice, the drive and dedication to the sport, and the ability to keep getting up no matter how many times you get knocked down... its all in the process.  Its about that feeling that stays with you and motivates you even on the toughest of  days.  Most importantly, its something that seperates the people who ride horses from those who are RIDERS". 
                                                -Coach Meg

Showing Off..... 

                                                              Our Show Team. 
A Touch of Majic 's Horse Show Series is a fun way to get out there and show! Low key but professionally run! Bring your newbies or your steady eddies! Something for everyone!

July 2nd, 2016 - First show of the series.!!!!!  
Class List below. 9 am start time - two rings going - ENGLISH AND WESTERN CLASSES
-tack sale - raffles -day end awards - modified Derby Cross class - "Show Your Stripes Murica" costume contest - and more!  
Pre Entries are due by June 29th and can be emailed to 
               2016 SUMMER SERIES SHOW DATES
JULY 2, 2016                        AUG 21, 2016                SEPTEMBER 4, 2016