Our Family

At ATOME we believe that horses are part of the family. So we've created a barn atmosphere that acts as a second home for members of our barn family. 

Meghan Borque Tyler

Favorite Pony: Both Rookie & Mailbu

Dunks Order: Caramel Coconut Iced Coffee extra extra

About me: 

My passion and obsession  for horses  started as early as I can remember. When I was 8 years old my parents finally caved and let me enroll in a lesson program. I was bit by the horsey “bug”and those lessons led to my 24 years of riding and competing experience. 

At 14, my grand parents bought me my first horse, “Majic.” I became a “barn rat”spending as much time as I could learning from my amazing instructor, the barn professionals, vets, farriers… anyone who was willing to let me watch, learn or ask questions,  eventually enrolling in the local pony club.   Those lessons, early mornings  late nights, and all the grit and grunt work in between eventually morphed into a show career where I was simultaneously showing on both the hunter/jumper and eventing circuits.

At age 18, I was accepted to Westfield State University and took my horse “Majic”  with me. I earned a “walk-on” to WSU ISHA Equestrian Team and rode to the top of my team rankings. My sopjomore year I had earned the “captain’s”letter and held the spot until I graduated in 2008. and became the team captain for three consecutive years. Over my collegiate career, I was given an incredible opportunity from Brenda Coggin and Coggin Creek Stables where I boarded my horse. Brenda  became the WSU team coach and allowed me to work off my board working for her and riding her  amazing World Champion ApHA horses.   I opened  A Touch of Majic in 2010 and began developing a lesson and boarding program for all levels of riders.  Today, I co-own the business with my husband Ryan and am the proud head coach of  the UMASS Lowell Equestrian Team along with our own  AEL, IEA,  and eventing teams.


Ryan Tyler

Favorite Pony: Billy

Cumbies Order: Mountain Dew or Monster

About me: 

My riding career started at age 10. I was blessed with growing up on my parents horse farm, Twin Pine Farm, right here in Pepperell.  Both of my parents are avid riders, but I mainly rode under my dad’s instruction. I quickly began following my dad’s footsteps learning everything I could in the western and reiner arenas. I began traveling and showing with my Dad around the country and by the time I was eighteen I had shown at Quarter Horse Congress more times then I could count. Under my father’s  insruction I rode through the ranks, earning  numerous  NERHA chamoipnship titles and even a reserve world title. My junior career morphed into my professional career at age 20 when I became a western trainer.  After Meg and I got married, I started developing the western program here at ATOME while still specializing in breaking and starting young horses for outside clients.  

Outside of the arena I am a part time farrier and the resident farrier here at ATOME. I am able to take my in-depth knowledge of riding and horse anatomy and apply it to my farrier work, offering a first hand basis to improve the horses I work on, whether they are my own or my clients.’ I enjoy taking my time getting to know the horses and owners as to develop a sense of their needs and goals before simply just “shoeing them.”  My other greatest achievement consists of being the best “Dad” I can to our two year old son, Colton.  



Favorite Pony: All of them

Favorite Food: Bananas

About me: 

About: Hi! Colton is Meg & Ryans 2 year old son. He can be found on the farm happily greeting anyone who walks through the door. Colton likes to watch Sesame Street in the tack room and walking around the Barn with his Mom & Dad. He also gives really good hugs & high fives.



Our Crew


Favorite Pony: Guiness

Dunks Order: Iced matcha w/ whole milk

About me: As most “atomers” can tell you I’m in the barn more than I’m at my house. ATOMEC has been my home since my first lesson, and even though I have a job at another horse farm, in my spare time you can usually find me organizing, cleaning, or working on some OCD project. ATOMEC has always been one of the places where I feel like I can truly be myself!


Favorite Pony: Guinness 

Dunks order: Thin Mint Iced Coffee regular

About Me: I've been at ATOME for over 6 years now, I've been riding for almost 13 years now. I love to be at the barn whether or not I'm riding. I love Cross Country schooling or simply giving one of the school ponies a really good brushing.

Next year I'm going off to college and plan on riding IHSA. I'm going to study photography, with graphic and web design (I actually rehabbed this website!). I have to say my favorite medium of photography is a series of people and ponies photos I've been putting together. What can I say? I love being a horse kid.


Favorite Pony: Hobo (But my horse moon is my ultimate favorite) 

Dunks Order: Hot or Iced Apple Cider

About Me:

I’ve been at a few different barns over the years and while the atmosphere of each barn is different, the part that’s always my favorite, is the community. The barn community is one that collaborates and works together to encourages each person to be better than the day before. To be a better horse(wo)man. It’s a community that thrives off of the betterment of each other and the horses. This type of community is the soul of a barn…and it’s this community that I love so much about being at ATOME. People may talk about riding being their favorite thing to do at the barn…and don’t get me wrong…I love it too, but one of my favorite things to do is to watch the horses in their herds while they are out. I love watching, learning, and understanding the mindset and the way each horse presents themselves. This watching has shaped how I approach my training, teaching, and riding. My favorite time in the barn is in the early mornings. Being the first to walk in and be greeted by an array of whinnies and nickers, learning which sound comes from what horse…it’s the best! The barn is otherwise quiet and it’s just me and the horses as I get them breakfast and get to listen to them start munching away.


Favorite Pony: Dumpster

Dunks Order: Hot or Iced Black Coffee

About Me: 

I started taking formal lessons at the age of 10, after annoying my parents for two years wanting to ride the horse down the street everyday; as any horse loving little girl would do.  Every year since I can remember the first thing on that Christmas list or birthday list- Horse!  I was lucky enough to take lessons almost weekly through middle school, and a bit of high school.  

My time in high school was rudely interrupted by some major health issues, which did not allow me to participate in any physical activity for the foreseeable future.  After about 5 years, during my second round of college, I called up my beloved trainer and told her I needed to get back in the saddle.  She had a wonderful project pony for me who’d lost one of his eyes. We worked together until he retired- I truly believe we were brought together to heal one another.  I graduated college a few years later and moved in the process.  Again, out of the saddle for a few years- but as any horse girl/guy knows, we will always come back.   I was referred to ATOMEC by a close friend, and I could not be more thankful.  I started lessons with Meg, and instantly knew this was the place for me.  Meg and Ryan have since become family to me, and without them I would not have finally gotten my dream horse.  You’ll see me around the barn working, socializing, giving hugs (even if you don’t really want them), and mostly working with my challenging but oh-so-loving horse ‘Dumpster’


Favorite pony: All of them, but especially Brooklyn

Dunks Order: Large Sweet Tea

About Me: I have been riding and taking care of horses since I was 11. I love hard work and I’m always looking for new challenges. I ride a stubborn and sassy quarter horse named Brooklyn. What I love most about ATOMEC is the friends and memories that I have made. Next year I plan on continuing my education to become a Veterinary Technician. My dream job is to work at the Bronx or San Diego Zoo. I just really love animals! 


Our School Horses

Hobo - "All American Boy" 

Favorite Treat:  Anything Edible

About Me: Hobo joined our lesson program in 2015. He takes good care of the littlest beginners with his comfy gait and patient attitude. Hobo loves pony rides, jumping, and trail rides. He also makes frequent appearances at pony parties both on and off the farm playing the role of “Barbies Dream Horse”. Hobo is known through the barn for giving good snuggles, eating lots of snacks, and shedding a lot in the springtime.

Angel - "Sky Full of Stars" 

Favorite Treat:  Peppermints

About Me: Angel joined our lesson program in 2017. She really does live up to her namesake being one of our go to’s for anyone trying a new skill. Her patient attitude allows students to learn but she challenges them when needed as well. Angel loves jumping, trail rides, and dressage. She's helped everyone from leadliners to our IHSA team learn something new. Angels known in the barn for her patient disposition and her love of rolling out in the field.

Mocha - "Little Latte" 

Favorite Treat:  FOOD!

About Me: Our littlest lesson love!  Mocha is our in house pony pro! A program favorite who does it all. She takes care of her littlest riders and challenges our more experienced riders.  Mocha is frequently seen at pony parties, horse shows, and special events (Like Grotonfest and Westford's annual live Nativity scene) . She loves a good brushing and bath time. Fun fact: Moca has a marking on her neck that looks like the continental United States. 

Guinness - "Home Brewed Majic" 

Favorite Treat: Swedish Fish

About Me: Guiness joined our family in 2017. He is an OOTB (off the track thoroughbred) who didn’t find much joy in racing. Guiness loves to jump, especially cross country. He challenges our intermediate riders who are ready for a little bit of a challenge. Guiness loves to be outside with his friends in the paddock and rides in the field across the street.  He’s known through the barn for playing tag in the paddock with his friends, and losing one of his shoes in the process. 

Brooklyn - "Legally Blonde" 

Favorite Treat: Apples

About Me: Our youngest of the lesson crew Brooklyn has quickly become a fan favorite. Rock solid QH mare with a little bit of sass added. She loves to jump, so much so that she would jump over the moon if she could. She also enjoys unwinding on the trails with her pony pals. She's a great horse to help take our riders to the next level.   


Meg & Ryans Horses


"The Frat Boy"


"The Cabana Boy"




Ponies in the Big Field in the Sky

To all of the ponies we've loved the past. We know that now you aren't with us anymore, you're eating grass and running around in the Big Field in the Sky.


Barn favorite Chloe loved to jump and to be pampered with a good brushing. She was rock steady for beginners, a confidence builder, and an occasional challenge for those who needed it.  She was loved by all of the staff & students at ATOME. However she was loved the most by her Mom Jill & family.


The namesake of our farm and Meg's first horse ever. She was the most rock steady partner any rider could've asked for. She lived her best life and improved the lives of anyone who loved her. She took care of beginners but challenged Meg through the Jumper rings through their relationship. She was the type of heart horse every equestrian dreams of having

Bambi & Reba 

Meg's two first school horses. Both were fierce competitors with a soft spot for treats and scratches. They both loved to jump as much as they could.

Bambi and Reba had a relationship similar to a sibling rivalry & enjoyed their lives in retirement together.  

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